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Here, you will find Creative Toys from LUKKA, designed and produced in Krakow.
SINGLE TOY - price of the product.
3 selected TOYS - prices of products + free FRAME OF DRAWER CHEST 
WORKSHOP KIT 10-20 toys - (price x quantity) + price of DRAWER CHEST




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The Puppets and the Snake

Let's design trendy outfits for him and for her - the face in the front and the face in the back, for winter and summer we are always packed! The parts from the template are ready for your imagination. Blank templates can be used repeatedly. In the kit you will find additional mounting elements. If you want to give your puppet hair, choose from threads around your home.
What kind of hairstyle will your puppet have? Bangs? Braids? Pony tails? Maybe dread locks?
Enjoy a short video tutorial to see how you can make your puppet.
You'll see what Puppets and the Snake Kalinka made. Welcome to the gallery!
We collect photographs of toys using LUKKA templates. When you're finished, send us a picture of your creation!

50 zł

The Kaleidoskcope

The kit includes a set of materials to build and decorate a kaleidoscope with step by step instructions.
Before starting, you can use mirrors to produce some interesting effects - we put the description on the inside of the cover.
How you design the kaleidoscope's lens and cover are up to you! It's fun to make your own toy and experiment with the different effects of color and patterns.
Welcome to the instructional videos!
You can see how Marcel built his kaleidoscope in our workshop. In the second video, you can see how Peter built his kaleidoscope (video by CRAZY MAZY).
Welcome to the gallery!
Here are photographs of finished toys and the latest ideas for how to use remaining materials after we finished making the kaleidoscope.

60 zł

The Flying City

The Flying City (mobile) is a hanging composition moving with minimal air movement. It features beautiful colors
and movement, soft and full of harmony. Just look into
your mobile and imagine about life in the flying city.
This toy doesn't have to be only a nursery decoration.
Hang it in any part of your room, kitchen, or office.
Help from an adult is necessary to cut the windows, and also in hanging the mobile.
On the inside of the cover you can find information about the inventor of mobiles and ideas for small tricks.
Enjoy a short video tutorial!
You'll see how Sophie constructed her mobile.In the second video I give advice on the construction of the Flying City.
Welcome to the gallery!
There are photographs of finished toys.

45 zł


Do your children sometimes pretend to be Sherlock Holmes, the detective from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books? Do they like to solve puzzles, or would it be fun to encrypt secret information? In our DETECTIVE kit they will find: Caesar's code, Twin-code, Flag-code and Morse code.
The main attraction of the kit is the materials to build their own PERISCOPE. To decorate the PERISCOPE we offer Spanish paint sticks - PlayColor. One is enough to paint the entire PERISCOPE. These paints do not require water for dilution. Choose colors and add to the order. There are 12 colors available.
The price is 4 zł / art.
NOTE Using a large quantity of water when decorating cardboard can cause deformation of the surface and even destroy the rigidity and shape of the whole structure.
Enjoy the video tutorial - Mikolaj, our instructor, demonstrates how to construct the PERISCOPE.

55 zł

A Drawer Chest

It is solidly constructed cardboard "piece of furniture".
It consists of a frame and three drawers. The internal dimensions of the drawer are l-30cm, w-12, 5cm, h-5cm. External dimensions are matched to the EXPEDIT bookcase from IKEA.
See pictures in the gallery!
Ideal for storing children's treasures and adult belongings such as thread, needles, buttons, scissors etc.
If you buy 3 toys in one order you will get a frame for free (drawers you will get with the toys).You can decorate a drawer chest with PLAY COLOR sticks, which we offer in our shop.They do not require water for dilution.
Using a large quantity of water when decorating cardboard can cause deformation of the surface and even destroy the rigidity and shape of the whole structure.

25 zł

Farby PlayColor

The Paint Stick PlayColor paints are safe for children.
They are washable, quick drying, and can be applied without using a brush. They do not require water for dilution. It's just the perfect paint.
To select specific colors, leave your comment in the 'remarks' section of the order form. farbki

Enjoy a video that shows the benefits of these paints.
In the gallery you can see how we changed the appearence of our cardboard drawer chest with the PlayColor paint.

4 zł

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