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2013/05 Batick Technique - snake.

March 23 met in The Prodesigne Studio at the next meeting of the series WZORNIK - everything is designed.
We have designed a "snake skin". Designs were made in the batick technique. There were quite a stir. It was necessary to get some practice in writing with wax.


wąz Kornelii

snake made by Kornelia

wąz Pawła Small

snake made by Paweł

wąz Wiktorii

snake made by Wiktoria

wąż Hani

snake made by Hania

wąż z otwartą paszczą

snake with open muzzle designed by  Miłki

wąż z trójkątem

snake wiyh triangle by - Sonia

wąż z zółtym pyszczkiem

snake with yellow nose by - Olga

wąz Natalii

snake made by  Natalia

wąż z pasowanym ogonkiem

snake with its tail in strips  by - Nina