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2014/07 Batick technique - snake

2014-07-snake-batik-sample-small 2014/07 Batik technique - snake

The technique of batik on paper is easy - even 3-year-old can paint with hot wax - provided that the vessel of wax will be stable and there is no danger of burns. Of course, this is a technique that must be supervised by an adult. My way to maintain the security that is a tray from aluminum foil cut to the size of a hole in the heater for tea. Typically, such a heater is porcelain, so the candle doesn't warm it to much.. Aluminum tray ia adapted so that edges do not protrude beyond the edges of the cylinder. Yet we need tools for painting with wax. For larger children I use a professional tool called Tianting. Description can be found 2013/03 Batik snake /manual/

For the little artists you can use metal crochet hook or a bent wire. So how it happend: children painted simple shaspes with melted wax. Than they painted all the elements of the snake with colored inks and EKOLINE. Ironing it was my role. It is nessesery to cower each piece with paper towel - before ironing. Combining elements of the snake  and sticking eyes that was the easiest part. At the end the snakes posed for a photo.
You can also paint a picture with wax by your own and give the child a white - white sketch for the painting. Each time the effect after ironing ready picture is beautiful. Paints are "lubricated" with wax and have attractive colors, and white patterns become clear. Such images I have prepared once for children's workshop  - 2013/05 batik technique - pictures - 2013/05 Technika batiku - obrazki

2014-07-batik-tools small2014 07-snakes-small


W warsztatach w FORUM PRZESTRZENIE  uczstniczyły maluchy, zobaczcie co udało im się stworzyć.


2014 07-snake-batik-1-small2014 07-snake-batik-2-small

2014 07-snake-batik-3-small2014 07-snake-batik-4-small

2014 07-snake-batik-5-small2014-07-snake-batik-sample-small

Ostanie zdjęcie po prawej to przykładowy wąż, który już nie jeden raz posłużył mi jako przykład.