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2013/01 Szopka 2012

szopka szopkarz-203x300


One of Krakow's most unique and singular Christmas traditions is the popular creation of ‘szopki.’ Szopki are the bizarre result of a slowly evolving folk tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Though commonly called ‘Christmas cribs’ in English, szopki look more like castles or cathedrals than cribs. The general rule being that they incorporate characteristics of Kraków’s range of historic architectural styles. Most szopki are based off the design of St. Mary's Basilica.

Our szopka was built by third graders of bamboo sticks, cardboard and stein glasses made of plexi and adhesive foil.
On right photo there is my friend Maciej with his szopka. He is one of the most successful artist in this field.



szopka - detal okna