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Do your children sometimes pretend to be Sherlock Holmes, the detective from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books?
Do they like to solve puzzles, or would it be fun to encrypt secret information?
In our DETECTIVE kit they will find: Caesar's code, Twin-code, Flag-code and Morse code.

The main attraction of the kit is the materials to build their own PERISCOPE.
To decorate the PERISCOPE we offer Spanish paint sticks - PlayColor. One is enough to paint the entire PERISCOPE. These paints do not require water for dilution.
Choose colors and add to the order. There are 12 colors available.

The price is 4 zł / art.

Using a large quantity of water when decorating cardboard can cause deformation of the surface and even destroy the rigidity and shape of the whole structure.

Enjoy the video tutorial - Mikolaj, our instructor, demonstrates how to construct the PERISCOPE.
55 zł