The tissue paper that remained after the decoration of Kaleidoscope is a tissue without impregnation – that is, after soaking, it ‘dyes’.
We need: cardboard, and 2 white sheets of paper. Stick the white sheets on both sides of the cardboard – we use a diluted glue – 1/1 proportion (on both sides, so that the cardboard does not bend)
When the paper is dry, stick the tissue with layers – glue diluted. As you can see, the glued tissue is transparent, new colors are created by applying subsequent layers.
If you want to get a strong color effect, apply several layers of tissue paper in one color.

How to make a frame and hang a picture?
Two plastic dorsal strips cut to size of the picture.
Slide them on the both side of the picture, string through both strips and the bottom, at the top part for hanging. These two strips will allow for multiple aesthetic suspension of the pictures. FINISHED 🙂

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