Step by step instructions help you to realize the toy by yourself.

Transparentne folie w wielu kolorach pozwalają na zrealizowanie własnych pomysłów na przygotowanie obrazu, który pojawi się w kalejdoskopie. Możliwość eksperymentowania, zmian, poprawek da szansę na stworzenie własnej, unikalnej zabawki.

1. The kit contains materials for one kaleidoscope.
When three mirrors are stuck together, you can observe the surroundings through this “optical device”. Already this stage of building a kaleidoscope gives a lot of fun. Children are surprised by multiple effects.
2. Composing the image
The first element glued to the wheel from the colored foil is observed after being mounted to the body. Surprise causes multiple reflection and mixing of colors.
3. Decorating the body of kalejdoskope is a technique of “painting with tissue paper”.

The tissues in the set have been specially selected for this technique. They are tissue paper that dyes under the influence of moisture. Glued layers allow you to achieve beautiful color and texture effects. The last layer of diluted glue acts as a colorless protective varnish.
Nothing prevents you from changing or refining the kaleidoscope decoration over time. You can also decorate elements cut out of self-adhesive foil, you only need to stick them on a dry surface.
4. On the inside of the cover you will find curiosities and simple experiments with mirrors.

5. The packaging left over from the toy is a solid cardboard drawer.
Three drawers fit into the cardboard frame forming a commode. Additional drawers and frame can be bought, or used with other toys from LUKKA.

iko_szufladziak_blue Have fun 🙂
You’ll get a free cardboard frame – if you buy three toys at once !                       



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