Sometimes the cardboard from the packaging have beautiful colors and an interesting texture. This time they were used to make puppets and a snake. All the necessary parts were drawn from the templates of the kit The Puppets and Snake.

This puppets practically did not require decoration, I focused only on Rodrigo’s hair and decorative hat of Carla’s head.
Of course, choosing fragments of cardboard I tried to choose them with a view to the final effect. For example, the Rodriga vest was made of a bar code.

The skin of the snake was created as a drawing on a varnished white cardboard with a black permanent pen. Letters, which were visible in a few fragments, I made into “zigzags”.

When you run out of thin wire, you can use a needle with a thread to connect the elements. Small buttons can be used instead of beads. Templates – they will serve for a long time 🙂

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