I watched the stained glass kaleidoscopes – one I got as a gift, and tried to wrap a small circle in a similar way – it was completely covered with colorful foils.
How to do it straight? I traced a circle on a white piece of paper, folded it in half. I cut off half, cut off the “little cake” from the rest. This portion became a template from which I traced the shape on the paper side of the film. Then just sticking. As a result, we have colors divided along the radious of the circle.
It does not have to be super accurate bonding. If the foils overlap, we get a new color or shade

On the second wheel, colors and shapes have been arranged on parallel lines. As a result, the colors seen in the kaleidoscope are more saturated, the background is colorful.
In connection with these experiments, I have a question: DO YOU CONSIDER THAT YOU WILL HAVE A SENSE IF A TWO WHEELS WERE ALREADY IN YOUR KIT?
Should these wheels be available in the assortment of the store? Those people who have already built a kaleidoscope and would like to buy extra wheels please contact me.


Here you can see how I made the body decoration. The star at the edge of the mirror is cut off. Stars stuck on the edge between two walls. Where I wanted to get a clean color, I stuck several layers of tissue paper in the same color. It comes in handy when you want to stick the light paper on the dark one.



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