2020/painting on the glass

The second meeting of GRANDMOTHERS in an enlarged group. This time the task is more difficult than painting on water. The inspiration was the painting of the American artist Mrs. Heather Galler. Not everyone treated the subject literally, but the principle of separating the color with a black line and filling the colored fields with small elements has been tried. I have conducted the same topic in different age groups and in different techniques. Painting on glass in a small 20x20cm format turned out to be the most difficult solution

2019/ ebru technik for Grandmothers

This time, fun with Grandmothers 🙂
Crazy tests in the EBRU technique. All participants tried this technique for the first time, and some left a colored mark on a sheet of paper for the first time. The biggest skeptics have gone to the JOY DISCOVERY page.
Ahead of us is a plan to deal with a variation of painting on the water, using the Japanese SUMINAGASHI technique which translates as floating ink.

2014/spider – instruction

Below is a brief instruction on how to make a spider from a bottle of mineral water. You need to cut the bottom of the bottle and prepare the holes with a hole punch. Let the children do the rest.

1 plastic bottle of any capacity and color (small or large spider),
4 thin, hairy wires (chenille) for spider legs,
1 wire of a different color for head,
2 eye beads (with a large hole),
permanent marker for painting spider pupils.

2019/architectural monuments

I prepared drawings of “theoretical cities” in which I incorporated architectural monuments. Students were to recognize the monuments and add color to the shape. On the reverse of the page, they wrote the names of the monuments. This project was intended to consolidate students’ knowledge about the visited region of Poland. Other elements could be “colored” according to their own concept.

2019/string painting

This technique arises in secret. We cannot observe the formation of “swirls and plumes”.
Twine impregnated with paint moves between two layers of paper pressed to the ground.
The string getting out of this trap leaves colorful traces of its escape on both layers of paper. Our project was to leave one of the twin images intact and transform the other into a 3d mosaic. Authors at the age of 7-8 years.